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Hold Harmless Release Form

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In consideration of McKinney Seniors Helping Seniors acceptance of this entry in the program, I/WE, the above VOLUNTEER(S) hereby agree to perform minor home repair and maintenance projects as part of the program and in accordance with the recommendation of the McKinney Seniors Helping Seniors Advisory Committee and/or their designees. The VOLUNTEER(S) by affixing their signature(s) hereto, state that they are aware that the property may contain hazardous conditions.

I/WE, the VOLUNTEER(S), assume the responsibility and risk of all conditions, hazards and potential dangers in, on or about the property whether they are open and obvious or concealed. I/WE HEREBY RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND WAIVE any claims, actions or suits of any character, named and description that I/WE may have against McKinney Seniors Helping Seniors or their officers, agents and/or employees and the owner(s) and/or residents of the property as a result of any injuries and death received or sustained by VOLUNTEER(S) presence on the property.

By submitting this Hold Harmless Release Form, I agree that I have read and fully understand this agreement and have not been offered any additional consideration or enticement, not have they been coerced to execute same, and the undersigned execute this agreement fully for the purposes and considerations expressed herein.